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I'd have far more respect for someone who'd chosen as an adult to become a biblical literalist than for someone who gives unquestioning allegiance to whatever government they happened to be born under.

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@pettter If you're using Mastodon you can just click "Mute conversation" in the notification (not, for some reason, on the expanded toot) to stop hearing about it, rather than relying on every participant in the thread to remember to remove you any time they respond to a toot involving you.

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If people can't be trusted to rule themselves, they certainly can't be trusted to rule others.

Just a reminder that I've moved over to @freakazoid . This instance will eventually shut down. I didn't mass-follow folks I follow on here since it's kind of a pain and I figure that I'll end up re-following people who are still active and still find my posts mildly interesting anyway.

I've moved completely over to @freakazoid , so follow that account if you want to stay in touch. This instance will go away in a few weeks.

I haven't wholesale followed everyone from that account that I'm following on this account, but that's just because it's a pain and I'm sure this account is following a bunch of inactive folks so following back and re-following as I see boosts and federated timeline posts seems like it'll work better.

XMPP clients are so shitty, what the fuck.

They all support various combinations of XEPs and almost never in the order in which I need x-x

what if having an internet-connected device constantly listening to you is actually not a good idea

RT Freedom of speech does not exist for NFL players now, we get fined for protesting for something we believe in, FINE ME!!!! You can’t change my opinion, and can’t stop my protest I have a right as an American to protest when I feel there is injustice in this country.

I am really curious how the French government will get away with using Matrix/Riot in all their govt agencies. They'll either have to ignore people with disabilities, or they'll have to contribute a huge amount of work to the Matrix project, both the web front-end and the iOS and Android clients. Because for a blind screen reader user, Matrix is far from being usable efficiently right now.
And no, I don't have time to contribute to all of these projects. I can't fight all fights. seems like it might be exactly what I was thinking of implementing: an SMTP gateway that handles per-sender email addresses and automatically rewrites headers so that you can use a regular email client. Unfortunately, however, their verification emails don't seem to be getting through to me, or they're not being sent. Anyone using this service?

My "email address per relationship" (I need a better name!) experiment is moving right along. Fastmail seems to work really well for this purpose since it allows up to 500 "identities". I started out with random six letter strings as usernames, but that required putting a comment in the display name, which is awkward. Now I'm using a short name followed by a four digit random number. I would likely only forget what the name means for an account, but the address is also in my password manager.

#Tor has been released. Among its new features is a stable API for embedding! Seems like a great base to build a p2p app on.

Now it just needs to be packaged as an NPM, egg, go package, etc so that you don't have to use C or C++ to embed it.

The NPM admins contacted the author of Squel back in April and issued a security advisory from my report about its failure to properly escape strings, but they forgot to tell me about it.

AIUI fidget spinners were originally made with skateboard or roller skate bearings. Now that they're popular it appears that they're starting to purpose-build cheap-ass fake bearings for the cheaper ones.

i first came out a month before the election, and when november rolled around was one of the scariest months of my life. i felt trapped between a rock and a hard place: risk my life being out, or hurt myself going back in the closet.

the thing that kept me out, kept me transitioning, was knowing that if i walked proud others might see it as still an option

im gona go insane clicking on cars and street signs and roads and store fronts it never ends

Fucking Gmail is marking my emails from my new domain as spam and displaying the phishing warning even after I mark them as not spam, even though I'm using Fastmail's nameservers & SMTP servers.

While researching providers for my "email address per relationship" plan, I ran across a Protonmail feature request from a user demanding unlimited email addresses and unlimited storage for $25 a year, because they have a free grandfathered "Apps for your Domain" account from Google. Because of course every business is interested in competing with products that aren't offered anymore to attract the few people still using them.

So it turns out Lyft doesn't work with MicroG. It appears that they used to have a mobile web app, but if they did they got rid of it. So no more Lyft for me.

Doctorow: "if that data leaks, it would allow anyone to break into your kid's cloud and plunder all their private data... Naturally, Teensafe stored thousands of parents and kids' usernames and passwords, without encryption, on an insecure server." #privacy #security